Short Fiction: “The Alligators’ Gods”


My story, “The Alligators’Gods,” (originally published by Indiana Review) was featured recently over at LitRagger. Here’s a sample from the story:

They had little alligators, dog-sized alligators, and big alligators. They tied them down across the hood of the truck, tied a few across the top. They draped rope over the sides and artfully knotted alligators into slings along the back fenders. Little ones were strung up behind the tires like mud-flaps, and one was even tied across the dash, its tail hanging out the window.


Link to the whole thing right here.


About Micah Dean Hicks

Micah Dean Hicks is a Calvino Prize-winning author of fabulist fiction. His work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Kenyon Review Online, EPOCH, and Witness, among others. His story collection Electricity and Other Dreams is available from New American Press and his novel Break the Bodies, Haunt the Bones is forthcoming from John Joseph Adams Books. He teaches at the University of Central Florida.
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