Sigma Tau Delta Conference


I had a great time at the Sigma Tau Delta conference in Minneapolis this past weekend (aside from the snow. The snow was rough).

We had some truly wretched poetry on display at the yearly Bad Poetry event (that’s a good thing: it’s supposed to be bad).

I got to hear fiction by many talented young writers, and I enjoyed getting to share info on the grad school admissions process at our panel.

Also, Magers and Quinn Booksellers were amazing. I bought more books than I probably should have.

Kao Kalia Yang is my new favorite nonfiction writer and an incredible speaker. You should buy her book: The Latehomecomer.

I’m looking forward to the next convention: Louisville 2017.


About Micah Dean Hicks

Micah Dean Hicks is a Calvino Prize-winning author of fabulist fiction. His work has appeared in places like Witness, New Letters, and Indiana Review, among others. His story collection, Electricity and Other Dreams, was recently published by New American Press and received a starred review from Publishers Weekly. He teaches at Arkansas Tech University.
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