My story, "The Punk Rock Parking Lot Cremation of John Purdie," is out now in the most recent issue of Redivider. Big thanks to the editors for taking it! The story is about a high school punk band. Whenever they play music together, the world starts to unravel around them. You can find out more at the Redivider website.

2016 Arts & Letters Prize

I'm really pleased that Judge Kate Christensen selected my story, "The Deer," as this year’s Winner of the $1,000 Arts & Letters Prize for Fiction. “The Deer” will appear in the Fall 2016 issue. Here are Christensen's incredibly kind comments on my story: “The Deer”… is breathtaking and original and gorgeous. Striking, unerring, weird. I was … Continue reading 2016 Arts & Letters Prize

Miracle Monocle

My story, "Our City on the Roach's Back," just went live at Miracle Monocle. It's even weirder—and grosser—than it sounds.

Little Grassy

I'm so honored to have been invited to read at the Little Grassy literary festival alongside Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Gregory Kimbrell, Danielle Evans, Austin Kodra, and Roger Reeves. Big thanks to Allison, Jon, Kirk, Emily, Meghann, Jen, the booksellers, and everyone.

A Readers’ Map of Arkansas

There's a map of Arkansas authors, and I'm on it, and it's amazing: In 1994 the poet C.D. Wright created a literary map of Arkansas, and the University of Arkansas Press published it as part of her Lost Roads project.  The map highlights and affirms the great number of worthy writers whom Arkansas has nurtured.  This updated version, redesigned and with … Continue reading A Readers’ Map of Arkansas


It's been a busy semester of conferences and readings, so I'm really late on this, but big thanks to the editors of EPOCH for publishing my story, "Wolf Coat Mine," in their most recent issue. Here's a sample: My man looks afraid, wants assurance that everything is fine, but all I can think about is … Continue reading EPOCH