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Break the Bodies, Haunt the Bones (Novel), forthcoming from John Joseph Adams Books 

Electricity and Other Dreams (short story collection), New American Press

Selected Short Fiction

“Church of Birds,” Kenyon Review

“The Carpenter and the Beast of Teeth,” Territory

“Our City on the Roach’s Back,” Miracle Monocle

Flight of the Crow Boys,” Witness

“The Man with Strange Luck,” Superstition Review

“The Alligators’ Gods,” Indiana Review & Litragger

“Dog Summer,” MAYDAY Magazine

“When the Plumber Drank the Ghosts,” Bartleby Snopes

“Watermelon Seeds,” SmokeLong Quarterly

“Gun Juggling,” Product

“The Butcher’s Chimes,” Menda City Review

“Oldjohn’s House,” A capella Zoo

“In a City,” decomP magazinE

“A Famine of Music,” PANK

“Where the Electrician Went,” kill author

Selected Nonfiction

“The Only Piano I Could Afford,” The New York Times Magazine

“Raising Houses,” Baltimore Review

Selected Interviews and Talks

“Character Lecture,” Clayton State University

Quail Bell Magazine

The Missouri Review Online (audio)

Smokelong Quarterly



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